Saturday, October 18, 2008

THE SUNDAY MASS 10/19/2008

The new production of THE SUNDAY MASS, produced by the Passionist Community and hosted by Father Edward Beck will begin on Sunday, October 19th, 2008The launch of the new SUNDAY MASS produced by the Passionist Community from the Passionist Spiritual Center in Riverdale in New York is THIS SUNDAY, October 19th. Times and channels are listed below. The SUNDAY MASS is available nationwide on I-LifeTV . You can check their website ( and input your zipcode to see the channel it airs on in your area. Or you may view the mass at one of the affiliate channels below, including FOX, Channel 5 in New York / New Jersey. Please encourage family members and friends to watch as well. And send along your feedback to us. We want to continue to improve the production of THE SUNDAY MASS. And we need your help and suggestions to do that. Thanks so much for your prayers and support. Blessings+ Fr. Edward Beck, C.P.

Broadcast Channels

I-LifeTV 10:00 AM EST (Sunday)
Familyland Network 12:30 PM EST (Sunday)

Tri-State New York=2 0Metropolitan Area
Brooklyn Prayer Channel (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island)
Time Warner Ch. 79 8:00 PM (Saturday)
9:30 AM (Sunday)
12:30 PM (Sunday)
Cablevision Ch. 30 8:00 PM (Saturday)
9:30 AM (Sunday)
12:30 PM (Sunday)
5:00 PM (Sunday)

New York, Long Island, New Jersey
WLNY Ch. 55 9:00 AM (Sunday)
WNYW Ch. 5 5:30 AM (Sunday)
Direct TV NY WNYW Ch. 5 5:30 AM (Sunday)
Connecticut WLNY Ch. 15 9:00 AM (Sunday)
Comcast Leased Access
Monmouth County NJ Ch. 83 & 95 9:00 AM (Sunday)
Ocean County NJ Ch. 81 & 96 9:00 AM (Sunday)

Local Stations
Addison, TX Charter Ch. 25 5:30 PM (Saturday)
10:30 AM (Sunday)
Atlanta, GA AIB Bell South Ch. 4 1:00 PM (Sunday)
AIB Charter Ch. 14 & 22 1:00 PM (Sunday)
AIB Comcast Ch. 5 1:00 PM (Sunday)
Augusta, GA WAGT Ch. 7 10:00 AM (Sunday)
Bismarck, ND KNDX-TV Ch. 26 10:00 AM (Sunday)
Carrolton, TX Charter Ch. 25 10:00 AM (Sunday)
Dickinson, ND K38-TV Ch. 38 10:00 AM (Sunday)
Dallas, TX AT&T Ch. 14 10:30 AM (Sunday)
10:00 PM (Sunday)
Dickingson, ND K38 Ch. 38 10:00 AM (Sunday)
Devil's Lake, ND WDAZ Ch. 8 10:30 AM (Sunday)
Duluth, MN KDLH Ch. 3 7:30 AM (Sunday)
Fargo, ND WDAY Ch. 6 10:30 AM (Sunday)
Farmers Branch, TX AT&T Ch. 17 10:30 AM (Sunday)
Lafayette, LA KATC Ch. 3 11:30 AM (Sunday)
Los Angeles, CA KDOC Ch. 56 9:00 AM (Sunday)
Macon, GA WGNM Ch. 64 5:30 PM (Saturday)
Mankato, MN KEYC Ch. 12 7:30 AM (Sunday)
Savannah, GA WTOC Ch. 11 6:00 AM (Sunday)
Scranton, PA CTV Ch. 12 7:00 PM (Sunday)
Williston, ND K38 Ch. 38 10:00 AM (Sunday)
Radio Stations
KNOM, AK KNOM 730 am 1:00 PM (Sunday)
Northeast, PA WILK 910, 980 & 1300 am 5:30 AM (Sunday)
White Oak, PA WEDO 810 am 8:00 AM (Sunday)

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