Saturday, October 6, 2007


Well, if we had any doubts about global warming, these days of "fall" surely dispel them. In New York it feels like the dead of summer. Strange to see it getting dark earlier, and yet still HOT. Not that I'm complaining. The cold of winter will be here soon enough. Enjoy this while we can.

This weekend I will gather with family and friends to celebrate the upcoming release of SOUL PROVIDER. I'm conscious of my mother not being here to celebrate with us. She died unexpectedly on April 1,2007 after a few day's battle with an aggressive lung tumor. She was so looking forward to reading this book. She had enjoyed my first two, always searching for stories about herself...and then complaining about them. I miss her excitement about the book. And, of course, the first story in the new book is about her. I trust she is celebrating with us from afar. This one is definitely for you, mom.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Audio Version of SOUL PROVIDER

Well, I barely have a voice left. I have been in a recording studio for a few days recording my new book, SOUL PROVIDER: Spiritual Steps to Limitless Love. It was quite a process. It took about 18 hours to record it, but it will only be about a 7-8 hour Audio Book. (That's 7 to 8 CD's, at one hour each.) This books lends itself to the audio format because the 30 Steps can each be an individual track, to be listened to whenever is convenient. I worked with a very able producer, John McElroy. I felt in good hands.
I'm still trying to catch up...and when I do I will attempt to be more faithful to blogging. Promise. Peace.